How to improve your fluency, enjoy a film and find the time for it anyway?

We will practice what is needed, fight the jitters and as a result, you might well want to exchange a few more words with a random lost tourist.

Your favo(u)rite films, books, blogs or YouTube will help us and it will finally stick in your mind.

I will give you some advice on keeping a practical and functional vocabulary notebook that you will be happy to open again.
I always gladly share my own tricks on how to make time for studying, fight procrastination and improve your English skills.

We will schedule a non-binding Skype call as a trial and you will tell me what your goal is and what you like doing in general. I will check what you already know and prepare lessons tailored just for you.

Why is shyness unnecessary and how to overcome it?

Don’t be shy about your current English. That is why we study it together – because you want to improve it.
Unfortunately, we often judge ourselves by the number of mistakes we make. But learning a language is different! English is a tool, let’s use it and become gradually better by making mistakes!

Additionally, I have heard a lot of ‘variations’ of English, so I won’t probably be flabbergasted at all. On the contrary, I am likely to know where the problem stems from and help you to get through it.

Let’s Skype!

I will transfer to your place via my HD video camera and a shared screen.
Leave your shyness in the kitchen, it’s time to talk!

Do you remember your first time on a bike? Or a date?

It is true – practice makes perfect 🙂

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