My name is Sue. I live in a small town and like collecting music sheets. English is my passion as well as my job.
I also work as a volunteer for Dobrá rodina and Your chance.

I hold the international CELTA certificate for teaching English as a second language. I am actively in search of new techniques and approaches to be able to offer my students the way of teaching that will suit them the most.

My students are adults and high school students, including the grandparents :-).
Complete beginners to advanced students, those who are interested in British or American English. I also help students get ready for their exams such as Cambridge FCE/CAE or IELTS.

Besides private lessons, I have taught in a vocational school, high school graduates, kids and for our local town hall.

I currently focus on private lessons or pairs.

I enjoy preparing lessons according to my students’ needs. I am not an advocate of one file with fixed lessons.

I have tons of Oxford/Cambridge/Longman students books and practice books at my disposal which I use only as supporting materials.
The English world is quite vast (podcasts, YouTube, blogs, etc…), so you will not be bored with one book.

Every lesson includes conversational practice otherwise the addressed grammar point is likely to be forgotten.

Even more so, we will see what else needs to be improved while talking.

As for me, I have been studying a few more languages continuously (Spanish, French and Russian), so I know what it involves, as well as a few tricks to make it easier 😉

With me, you get the benefit of someone who actually studied the language and knows how it is structured.
Have you tried to explain your own language? 🙂 My native language (Czech) is very complicated, however natural to me – so it is quite tricky to explain ‘why it is this way’.

I am looking forward to talking to you!

How does it work?

More about my methods:

An advertisement such as ‘5 minutes per week’ or ‘Speak English like a native in a month’ is not what I offer.
What I offer is a friendly, individual approach, so that your learning is an opportunity to tune out the day-to-day struggles so that it does not become another nuisance.
My goal is to guide you to the level you wish for. Your own hobbies and surroundings will help us on the way.
Some recommendations are ready for anyone right away, however, so far only in Czech here.